The Many Benefits of Auto Servicing

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Three Reasons to Buy a Classic Car With Logbook Service History

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Is it worthwhile to spend money on a used classic car? Most people ask the question when they scroll down feeds full of good-looking second-hand classic vehicles. Well, the simple answer to the question is a resounding yes. Most used classic cars were built to last long, and new technology allows owners to extend durability almost indefinitely. However, looks can be deceiving; therefore, it is essential to avoid being carried away by the outward pristine appearance of a second-hand classic vehicle. Read More»

Automatic Transmissions: Three Essential Tips for Preventing Wear and Failure

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The failure of your automatic transmission can result in a complete breakdown of your vehicle. This occurrence will lead to significant downtime, disrupting your life. Also, the transmission is a core unit in the automobile, so the repair process will be complicated and expensive. Additionally, replacing the transmission is not often a viable solution because finding a good match is difficult. Therefore, you should strive to keep your transmission in the best condition possible. Read More»

Why Your 4WD Vehicle Might Need Extra Servicing and Repairs

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Any vehicle that you own has to be serviced, and at some point or another, it will quite possibly need repairs. If you own a 4WD pickup truck, sports utility vehicle or another vehicle, however, you should be prepared for the fact that it might need extra servicing and repairs when compared to other personal vehicles. Many people aren’t aware of this or don’t really understand why it’s true, but these are some of the reasons why you might need to have additional maintenance and repairs done on your 4WD vehicle. Read More»

Car Services Crucial to Keeping Your Automatic Transmission in Tiptop Condition

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If you drive an automatic car, you’ve probably become accustomed to the hassle-free operation of the vehicle. Unlike manual transmission cars, automatics do the grunt work of shifting the gears for you, making them easier to drive.  Just as your car’s engine needs regular servicing, so too your auto transmission needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Regular servicing of your auto transmission will help keep it working smoothly and reliably, allowing you to maximise vehicle performance. Read More»

Potential Reasons Why You May Need to Seek Auto Heating Repair

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You likely do not think of your car’s heating for most of the year. Australia’s hot and humid climatic conditions make a vehicle’s cooling capabilities a top priority for many motorists. Nonetheless, the winter months will roll around at some point and with them comes chilly temperatures that make it uncomfortable driving your car without any warm air. But if you have been neglecting the heating system for prolonged periods, your vehicle is at a higher risk of developing complications that would impede its functioning. Read More»

How Do You Know That Your Transmission is Slipping?

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Transmission is one of the critical components of your vehicle. It connects the engine with the wheels, supplying the power needed to move the car. Additionally, it controls your vehicle’s motion as you shift it to change the gears while driving. With all these functions, the transmission is at a higher risk of developing problems than most other car components. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout for any signs indicating that your transmission has a problem and schedule an auto transmission repair before the problem worsens. Read More»

A Guide on Logbook Servicing

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Logbook servicing is an essential component of vehicle servicing and preventive maintenance. Most car owners will confuse logbook servicing with conventional vehicle service. Below is a comprehensive excerpt on logbook servicing.  What Is Logbook Servicing?  A vehicle logbook is a document detailing how and when you should maintain and service your vehicle. For example, the mileage at which you should replace internal engine components. Logbook services are a long-term approach to keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. Read More»