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How Do You Know That Your Transmission is Slipping?

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Transmission is one of the critical components of your vehicle. It connects the engine with the wheels, supplying the power needed to move the car. Additionally, it controls your vehicle's motion as you shift it to change the gears while driving. With all these functions, the transmission is at a higher risk of developing problems than most other car components. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout for any signs indicating that your transmission has a problem and schedule an auto transmission repair before the problem worsens. Here are some indicators that your transmission is failing.

When There's a Persistent Gear Problem

If your car is taking longer to respond when you change gears, your transmission is slipping. When changing gears, a set of teeth grip each other to move the gear in the direction you want. However, if the transmission has low fluid levels, the grip might be insufficient to engage the gear. The gears may also fail to grip properly if they are excessively worn out. In that case, you need immediate auto transmission repair to avoid internal damage to other components.

When There's a Computer System or Software Failure 

Your vehicle's computerised system works based on the information you program it with. Therefore, if you feed it wrong information, the vehicle will function abnormally according to the settings. Likewise, an error in the settings interferes with the functions of your transmission. For proper programming, you need professional auto transmission services. Your transmission expert will reset the program to enable the system to send the right commands.

When There's an Issue in the Torque Converter Unit

The torque converter is the unit that connects the engine and the transmission. It should transmit power from the engine to the load when it's functioning properly. When it becomes faulty, your transmission will slip.

A faulty torque converter might overheat or produce unusual sounds when the engine is running. It can also slip out of gear. When you notice any of these issues, take your vehicle to a professional transmission expert for repairs. Addressing the problem early prevents further damage to the torque converter and restores its function in transmitting power. 

The signs discussed above are a clear indication that your transmission is slipping. When you notice any of them, consider contacting an auto transmission repair technician immediately. Ignoring these signals can lead to more complications down the line. So, before that happens, take your vehicle to a reputable auto transmission expert for the necessary repairs.