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Potential Reasons Why You May Need to Seek Auto Heating Repair

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You likely do not think of your car's heating for most of the year. Australia's hot and humid climatic conditions make a vehicle's cooling capabilities a top priority for many motorists. Nonetheless, the winter months will roll around at some point and with them comes chilly temperatures that make it uncomfortable driving your car without any warm air. But if you have been neglecting the heating system for prolonged periods, your vehicle is at a higher risk of developing complications that would impede its functioning. Establishing what the underlying problem could be is vital in getting your car's heating system up and running in the shortest time possible. If you are having trouble with this system, consider the following potential reasons why you need to seek auto heating repair.

The cooling system is compromised

When your heating system starts to malfunction, the last thing you will probably think of is the cooling system since this may seem contradictory. In truth, it is more likely than not that the heating system has started to malfunction due to defects in the cooling system. The same mechanism that generates chilled air to cool your car is the one that will generate heat to warm up your vehicle. The heat is transferred to the coolant, which circulates through the system and is blown into the cabin by the fan. If coolant levels are low, you will experience issues with your heating similarly to how these levels would impede the cooling function of your vehicle. Additionally, if the fan is damaged, it is unable to blow the warm air into the cabin so there will be no heating.

The heater core is faulty

The second potential reasons why your auto heating is not working is when the heater core is jeopardised. The heater core functions like a miniature radiator. It comprises tubing, made from either aluminium or brass, that works to transmit the heated coolant around the system. By circulating the coolant, the heat it carries is dispersed and circulated by fans around the vehicle. In addition to providing you with warm air, the heater core also has defrosting capabilities. There are several things that you should look for to determine if the heater core is necessitating auto heater repairs. For starters, if the coolant levels in your vehicle are normal, the heater core is likely faulty. Secondly, if your auto heating issues are accompanied by symptoms such as an overheating engine and mysterious fog inside your vehicle, the heater core needs professional attention.

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