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Automatic Transmissions: Three Essential Tips for Preventing Wear and Failure

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The failure of your automatic transmission can result in a complete breakdown of your vehicle. This occurrence will lead to significant downtime, disrupting your life. Also, the transmission is a core unit in the automobile, so the repair process will be complicated and expensive. Additionally, replacing the transmission is not often a viable solution because finding a good match is difficult. Therefore, you should strive to keep your transmission in the best condition possible. Take precautions to minimise general wear and prevent the breakdown of this core system. Here are some crucial guidelines to keep your automatic transmission in the best state.

Avoid Low Fluid Levels

Low fluid levels will cause the wear of your automatic transmission. The primary function of the fluid is to lubricate the internal components in the system. If the fluid is too low, significant friction will occur during vehicle operation. As a result, the parts will sustain damage and wear. Also, the fluid keeps the internal surfaces clear, minimising the build-up of rust and other contaminants. Additionally, the transmission remains cooler with sufficient fluid. Therefore, check the level of the available material in your vehicle using a dipstick. If the level is low, refill to the optimal levels. Be cautious about the existence of leaks. If you keep finding the fluid running low, consult a mechanic and have them check for leakage.

Ensure Good Fluid Condition

Maintaining the right fluid is not the only critical thing in keeping your automatic transmission functioning smoothly. In general, this system will deteriorate if the condition of the fluid is poor. Under normal circumstances, this material should be clean for optimal performance. The colour of good fluid is red, and the liquid should be free of impurities. Therefore, consult an auto specialist if you notice dark colours or murkiness when checking the fluid with the dipstick. The changes indicate that the fluid is contaminated or oxidised. This type of fluid is ineffective for lubrication and cooling. The mechanic could recommend flushing to eliminate the old fluid along with impurities.

Reduce Transmission Strain

Finally, you should consider the best approach to reducing strain to your automatic transmission. The most common cause of internal system problems is overheating. If the fluid is exposed to high temperatures consistently, it will denature. As a result, it will not function well. You can prevent this problem by keeping the cooling system in your vehicle in the best conditions. Also, consider changing bad driving habits like prolonged use of spare tyres and incorrect change of gears. 

Reach out to a local auto service if you need help with your automatic transmission.