The Many Benefits of Auto Servicing

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Auto Tyre Repair: How Tyre Punctures Get Repaired Professionally

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As a car owner, you’re bound to experience a flat tyre every now and then. Whether it’s due to a sharp object on the road or just general wear and tear, a punctured tyre can be a nuisance. Luckily, auto tyre repair has come a long way in recent years, and there are several ways to fix a punctured tyre professionally. Here is a closer look at how tyre punctures get repaired so you can better understand the process and feel more confident when you experience a flat tyre. Read More»

5 Common Reasons Your Pickup Truck's Tailgate Latch Is Faulty

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It can be extremely frustrating when your pickup truck’s tailgate latch starts to fail. It’s such a small part of the vehicle, and yet a latch that keeps sticking, won’t open at all or won’t reliably stay closed can impact your ability to carry cargo and ultimately make the vehicle less safe to drive. However, a mechanic will be able to diagnose the underlying problem, and it’s usually a relatively quick and easy fix. Read More»

Why You Need to Service Your Transmission Oil Cooler

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When was the last time you had your transmission oil cooler serviced? If you’re like most car owners, it was probably never. While many people are diligent about getting engine oil changed regularly and replacing brake pads when necessary, it’s common to overlook the transmission oil cooler. However, this component is crucial to keeping your engine running smoothly, and if you neglect it, you could be setting yourself up for costly repairs down the road. Read More»

3 Essential Factors to Consider When Hiring a Reputable Truck Trailer Repair Company

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Today, you can find different truck trailer models on the market, each that can serve different purposes, depending on your specific project. These trucks come in different designs, styles and sizes. Trailer trucks can develop mechanical problems, from engine failure to electrical malfunctions. This post discusses three factors to consider when hiring a truck trailer repair company. Read on to learn more.  Don’t Overprioritize Price When Choosing A Trailer Repair Company  Read More»