The Many Benefits of Auto Servicing

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Problems With Your Diesel-Engined Vehicle? Why You Should Get It on Rollers

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As you realise how much money you spend on your transportation needs every year, you may pay a lot of attention to the performance of your vehicle, listen out for any unusual noise as you’re driving along and calculate your fuel consumption down to the penny. This attention to detail is laudable and may keep your costs in check for most of the time, but occasionally it can leave you scratching your head. Read More»

How to Pick the Right Mechanic to Fix Your Car

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Routine car servicing can help to minimise car problems that may keep you out of the roads. However, you can never completely rule out the possibility of ending up at the car repair shop, no matter how well you take care of your car. Car repair issues are bound to arise at some point, so it’s best to have a trustworthy mechanic at your disposal to handle these issues when they crop up. Read More»

Why Heat Is Your Engine's Mortal Enemy

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Most automobiles in the modern era are well engineered to take into account average wear and tear. The engine, in particular, is carefully regulated so that it doesn’t overheat and so that all of its internal parts are properly lubricated. Yet this is a very dynamic environment, and much will also depend on whether the vehicle is serviced at regular intervals and if the owner pays particular attention to fluid levels. Read More»

3 Ways You May Be Damaging The Brakes On Your Car

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The brakes on your car see a lot of action. Every time you set off driving in your car, it is likely that you will use the brakes several times as you reach stop signs, road junctions and stationary traffic. The brake system on your car is also vital to the safety of you and other road users. Without working brakes, you will not be able to control your car properly, and this could result in a serious accident. Read More»

A Few Important Details to Check When Buying a Used Car

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Buying a used car can be risky because even a car that is only a few years old may have suffered lots of wear and tear and may not be as reliable as you assume. To ensure you get the best option when you’re shopping for a used car, note a few important but easily overlook details to check and what they might mean when it comes to the condition and quality of a vehicle. Read More»

Do Automatic Cars With Four-Wheel Drive Transmissions Need Specialised Care?

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An automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive can make for the perfect driving combination. By having both an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, you’ve got a super smooth ride as well as the ability to handle rougher territory when necessary. Whilst automatic 4-wheel drive transmissions are becoming more and more common due to their significant benefits, you do need to be aware that this type of vehicle might require a bit of extra care. Read More»

3 Signs that your Vehicle's Suspension System Needs Servicing

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As long as the wheels on your vehicle are in contact with the road, suspensions are always in action. Most importantly, dampers or shock absorbers are essential to a vehicle’s support and handling and to the comfort of passengers. However, dampers tend to wear out and lose their ability to function optimally with time. The sad thing is that most car owners wait longer than necessary to visit a mechanic, and when they do, the suspensions are often beyond repair. Read More»

Troubleshooting for Car AC System Problems

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For the most part, air conditioner servicing is not usually top of mind when car owners are planning for car maintenance. As a result, this leaves many car air conditioners susceptible to repair issues, which develop over time due to neglect. Faulty car air conditioners can lead to hot car interiors, especially on sunny days. Here is a breakdown of repair issues associated with car AC systems: Faulty condenser The primary job of the condenser unit on your car’s AC is to cool hot refrigerant (the working fluid in your AC system) so that the air supplied to your car interiors is cool enough. Read More»