The Many Benefits of Auto Servicing

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Where Is Your Need For An Automatic Transmission Service Stemming From?

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In a nutshell, your auto transmission is what is responsible for making the most of the engine’s torque while also sensing when gears should be changed and so on. Thus, when your automatic transmission system fails, your gears begin to slip, and your vehicle develops a host of other malfunctions that will not only make driving challenging but dangerous, too. You need to know the symptoms of a malfunctioning transmission system as well as identify the potential reasons why this could be happening. Read More»

Could Your Turbo Problems Be the Result of a Faulty Wastegate Hose?

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Many manufacturers fit a turbocharger to their diesel engines to make them more efficient and to enable them to fit smaller motors for cost and weight purposes. For their diminutive size, these turbochargers can be quite powerful, and in order to regulate their effects and avoid damage to the engine itself, they need to be fitted with a safety bypass. However, from time to time these components can play up. and if you’re experiencing some turbo-related problems on your vehicle right now, this could be something to do with the wastegate hose. Read More»

Are Your Trucks Really as Efficient as You Think They Are?

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When you’re running a distribution business and have to take responsibility for a fleet of trucks, it’s always best for you to be proactive rather than reactive. This is often easier said than done, especially if you need to keep those trucks on the road as much as is humanly possible. There is a temptation to schedule an extra trip to take advantage of a standby driver as this will be more productive, at least in the short-term, than time in a maintenance dock. Read More»

5 Common Reasons Your Car's Radiator is Leaking Fluid

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Your car’s radiator is responsible for circulating coolant and dissipating heat. Given how much heat your engine gives out, the radiator needs to be in good repair to prevent overheating. Unfortunately, radiators often start to leak over time, and there are a few reasons why that might happen. Here are just five common reasons your car’s radiator might start to leak. 1. Corrosion Over time, your car’s radiator — as well as the hoses connected to it — can start to rust. Read More»