The Many Benefits of Auto Servicing

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Three Indispensable Tips for Conducting Simple Vehicle Repairs

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The process of repairing a damaged vehicle can be complicated and challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a qualified auto technician for help if your car is experiencing functional problems. This will minimise the risk of more damage during the repair process. Moreover, your vehicle will be completely restored. However, if you have the right tools and some basic tools, you can conduct simple repairs on your compromised vehicle yourself. Read More»

Could Your Tyres Be Hiding Pothole Damage?

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Potholes are prevalent across the Australian road network, and they cause a considerable amount of damage each year. Some of them may be cavernous and can instantly affect a wheel and tyre when they are hit at high speed. Most of the time, this type of impact is not too severe and may only cause some scuff marks to appear on the rim, but at other times, the tyre can be compromised and may no longer be fit to drive. Read More»

Five Common Warning Signs of Spark Plug Trouble

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There are many causes of car breakdown but some are more common than others. Spark plug issues are one of the most common reasons your car may break down. Loose, faulty or dirty plugs will affect the normal functioning of your car and could leave you stranded by the roadside. The good news is that it’s possible to catch and fix spark plug problems before they result in vehicle breakdown. Read More»