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Where Is Your Need For An Automatic Transmission Service Stemming From?

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In a nutshell, your auto transmission is what is responsible for making the most of the engine's torque while also sensing when gears should be changed and so on. Thus, when your automatic transmission system fails, your gears begin to slip, and your vehicle develops a host of other malfunctions that will not only make driving challenging but dangerous, too. You need to know the symptoms of a malfunctioning transmission system as well as identify the potential reasons why this could be happening. This piece touches potential reasons for the need for an automatic transmission service.

Defective gears

A typical reason why you could end up requiring automatic transmissions services is when the gears have lost their functionality. When the crankshaft creates power, the gears are responsible for transferring this power to the vehicle's drivetrain so that the wheels can be in motion. When the gears begin to deteriorate, you will notice that every change of gears is becoming progressively rougher, and eventually, the gears will give out completely. If you have experienced an issue when changing gears, you should see your mechanic so that they can replace the worn gears are restore the functionality of your automatic transmission.

Broken down solenoid valves

An often underrated yet critical part of your automatic transmission system is its solenoid valves. These components function to regulate the amount of fluid that is being transmitted to the engine from the automatic transmission system. If these elements are on the fritz, then your engine may not receive adequate fluid and this, in turn, makes it difficult for you to shift gears. Your mechanic will run diagnostics on your vehicle to establish if this is the originator of your transmission problems and remedy the issue.

Insufficient fluid                                                                            

Considering the immense work that the transmission system is tasked with, it is no surprise that it is exposed to both overheating and excessive friction. Therefore as a motorist, it is your responsibility to ensure that your automatic transmission is receiving adequate lubrication via ATF fluid so that it does not degrade prematurely. However, over time, the auto transmission system may develop cracks or other forms of damage that cause the ATF to leak. If the leak goes unnoticed, the damage to your automatic transmission system will only worsen. Your mechanic will investigate the source of the leak and repair it to prevent the overheating of the system. Moreover, if any parts of the automatic transmission system have become damaged due to the overheating when the ATF fluid was insufficient, they will be repaired too.

To learn more about automatic transmission repairs, contact a mechanic that offers automatic transmission services in your area.