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Signs Your Power Steering Pump Is Heading Toward Disrepair

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A power steering pump is a crucial component in your vehicle that is responsible for ensuring fluid is directed from a reservoir and into the steering gear. The fluid helps in guaranteeing that adequate pressure from the steering gear is exerted to facilitate the turning of your vehicle's wheels. Therefore, if there is something off-kilter with your power steering pump, it is important to urgently seek the services of a mechanic so that the issue is diagnosed and remedied before a more prominent problem arises. The following is a concise list of some of the signs that would be indicative of a power steering pump that is heading towards disrepair.

The steering wheel whines when being turned

In general, operating your steering wheel should be an inaudible process. If you start to hear whining sounds emanating from this auto part, there is a high likelihood that the power steering pump has acquired some damage. One of the reasons why your steering wheel would make whining noises is if steering pump has sprung a leak, which would mean there is friction occurring. On the other hand, the steering would also emit whining sounds if the steering fluid is low, leading to friction between the components. No matter the cause, it is essential to have the steering wheel inspected by a professional and the steering pump repaired or replaced as required.

The steering wheel has slow responses

Undoubtedly, full control over your steering wheel is important for your driving experience. However, some people make the mistake of ignoring signs of steering wheel problems, assuming that they will get better on their own. One such sign that should never be overlooked is a slow response from your steering wheel. This symptom is often experienced when trying to navigate a corner, only to find that the wheels are not turning at the pace that you would want. If you notice this happening, it is likely that your steering wheel pump needs professional attention. Keep in mind that the slow response of the steering wheel might also be accompanied with whining noises, too.

There are groaning noises from the steering wheel

While whining sounds from your steering wheel tends to be an indicator of friction, groaning noises should be treated as a red flag for structural damage. When the steering wheel is operated for a prolonged period without adequate lubrication, the declining steering pump can begin to affect other components, such as the steering rack. As a result, the grinding of the parts due to insufficient lubrication will cause groaning noises to come from your steering wheel.

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