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How to Increase the Performance of a Diesel Engine

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A diesel engine is often considered the workhorse of engines in that it's meant for towing heavier weights and not necessarily for achieving high speeds or for fast pickup. However, you can improve the performance of your vehicle's diesel engine with a few tweaks that will give it more speed and even more towing capacity. These tweaks can also improve the vehicle's fuel economy, while protecting the engine from added wear and tear. Note a few of those tweaks here, so you can determine the best way to get the most out of your diesel engine.

Check the cold air intake system

A cold air intake system will bring air into the engine that is cooler than the air already present; the engine is then forced to create added combustion to maintain an average air temperature. Cooler air being brought into the engine will also ensure that the engine doesn't overheat or run hotter than it should, so it won't suffer excess wear and tear.

Check the timing

The timing of an engine refers to how the pistons in the chambers move in relation to one another. If the timing is out of sync, the engine will struggle to maintain the right ratio of fuel to air, and the engine may even sputter and stall. If you improve the timing so that the pistons move more precisely with one another, this can mean better overall combustion. A diesel engine with upgraded timing will then have more power when idling so that you achieve faster pickup and will have more towing capacity overall.

Upgrade the exhaust

The performance of an engine depends on a healthy ratio of fuel to air, so that too much air in the engine means decreased combustion. If you upgrade to a performance exhaust, this can allow more oxygen to exit the engine. Imagine trying to keep a fire in a fireplace with wind always hitting the flames, and you may understand why allowing more air to exit the engine can ensure healthy combustion.

Get the diesel engine tuned

A diesel tune-up might increase the pressure applied to the fuel; this pressure can allow the engine to take in more fuel, and create more combustion. A diesel tuning can also adjust the injector opening times. This allows the engine to have more control over when fuel is injected into it, so it can maintain healthier combustion according to your demands, such as bringing in more fuel when you hit the gas after idling, or when pulling heavier loads.