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To Repair or to Replace? Good Reasons to Repair and Not to Replace Your Car's Transmission System

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Have you ever wondered what propels your car apart from the normal steering controls? If this question hasn't crossed your mind yet, then you probably don't know much about your car's transmission system. Your transmission system plays a big part in the functioning of your car — from ignition, to the forward and reverse movements that the vehicle makes. It is composed of many components including transmission fluids, universal joints, electrical components, and the torque converter. Even though it is made up of sophisticated components, a transmission system works perfectly when it is maintained properly. Otherwise, you'll have to run repair or replace the transmission. 

Below are a few good reasons why replacing your transmission may be better than replacing it:

Your car's original transmission system fits perfectly well.

Transmission systems are intricate vehicle systems that integrate multiple rings and gears when your car is moving high speed to allow precision and accuracy while handling. Your transmission system should work perfectly while shifting gears repeatedly. Before replace your old transmission system, you should ask yourself the question: can a rebuilt one fit as perfectly as the original one? Original transmission systems fit easily to your car and works well with your engine unlike some rebuilt transmissions systems, so the only way of making sure your car's transmission is a perfect match is to repair and continue using your original transmission.

The cost of repairing your transmission is usually relatively cheaper.

Though the cost of transmission repairs varies depending on the extent of damage caused to the transmission itself, the cost of repairing a faulty transmission is almost always less expensive compared to that of getting a new transmission outright. Whether to repair or buy, however, will depend on the extent of repair work needed.

Before making a decision to repair or buy, you should consult with your mechanic to determine to what extent your transmission requires repair and what problems are likely to crop up even after the repairs. If the repairs do not necessarily pose any major concern for your future car operations, then transmission repairs should serve you best.

Most commercially sold transmission systems are not new but rather old rebuilt transmissions.

It is not easy to find a new transmission system with the new updated parts. Most companies opt to get old transmissions rebuilt and resold. If your transmission fails due to common problems with the old transmission systems and you sort to buy a 'new' system that has been rebuilt, you are likely to suffer the same challenges as the transmission before. This would be costlier than just purchasing repair parts for your old transmission.

Unless you experience constant transmission failures, repairing your transmission system will in most instances do you good. Before making a repair or buy decision, however, have your mechanic evaluate your transmission and give you expert advice.